About Us

Welcome to Blueduiker.com - exporters of natural history products- worldwide!

Based in Cape Town, South Africa we specialize in skulls, taxidermy, horns, bone and various other natural history items.

We have been in the taxidermy business since 1997. Since then we have diversified offering not only taxidermy but also a wide range of products ( see products page ).

All our items are legally sourced and are authentic non-replica pieces.

Our client base includes retailers, collectors, educational institutions, artists, knife and furniture makers as well as decorators and designers.

We no longer sell products through an online store, but take custom orders of a minimum quantity which we send out via airfreight or select courier services.

Blue Duiker


Skulls are our speciality! We offer a huge variety of specimens and our stock is continuously updated.

We offer a selection of grades ; A grade being perfect to near perfect condition , B grade, C grade and craft-grade.

We also offer skullplates of the majority of horned game. These are just partial skulls or merely the skull base with a set of of matching horns.

Please contact us for prices and availability.


Taxidermy birds, small mammals, shouldermounts and custom pieces are what we have been doing since 1997.

Please email us with requests or for a current stocklist of available specimens.

We use the latest methods in the taxidermy industry and always have a variety of unusual specimens available for your retail store, collection, educational institution or private museum.

Horns & Bones

We sell loose horns, antlers, and bone from:

  • Steenbok
  • Duiker
  • Springbok
  • Mountain Reedbuck
  • Bushbuck
  • Blesbok
  • Impala
  • Kudu
  • Red Hartebeest
  • Blue Wildebeest
  • Eland
  • Nyala
  • Waterbuck
  • Gemsbok
  • Fallow deer
  • Merino ram
  • Goat
  • Cattle
  • Giraffe leg bone
  • Warthog tusk

Horns are sold in bulk.

We have both natural as well as polished horn on offer.

We offer horns in A and B grade quality.

Please contact us for availability and prices.

Frequently asked questions

Send us an email or WhatsApp, let us know what you are after, where you are based and we will provide you with the shipping options, permit info and pricing .
Due to the admin related to exporting these products( as well as packaging and crating) we do not do orders under US$500.
Depending on what you would like to order and in which country you are based, the required paperwork will vary.

All C.I.T.E.S 2 listed items are exported with the relevant permits from our end. We can provide info regarding importing regulations on your end or assist you in finding a competent import agent familiar with the process. We have been doing this for years .
We ship worldwide. From start to finish, we will assist you in getting the product to you by using our competent long time freight agent, shopping for the best freight costs and connections and corresponding with a freight import agent of your choice or one we may recommend for you.

We pack and crate in-house. We try minimize the cost for our client wherever possible and do not outsource packaging or crating. This way we also ensure the safest way to get your goods to you, in one piece.
The large majority of our products stem from what is referred to as the “fifth” quarter? In other words the left over parts of animals that are culled for the venison industry.

Large tracts of South Africa are privately owned and due to decades of sound game management and conservation practices, plains game numbers are flourishing. For the benefit of the vegetation or due to drought or other factors many land owners have to cull excess game annually. The meat goes into the venison industry and the remainder - the 5th quarter, ends up with us.

Our birds and non bovids have either died at rehab centers, private zoo facilities or registered breeders of natural causes or injuries.

PAC ( Problem Animal Control) in the farming industry is another source of some of our specimens, which otherwise often go to waste.
Contact us to discuss your exact needs, quantities, stock available and options.
Blue Duiker